Addressing Covid-19

Our goal is to maintain a safe place of business while doing everything possible to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

As a critical part of the food production food chain, Salmon Terminals is deemed an essential business and as such, can remain open during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • We have conducted a full training review of COVID-19 risks, symptoms and ways of transmissions with all staff members.
  • We have closed the facility to all “Non-Essential” visitors.
  • We require hand-washing of all employees upon entering the building, after breaks and restroom uses.
  • We have spaced out employees on the production lines and have built separation screens for their safety.
  • We have limited all truck-drivers access to the building and have screened-off the sign-in desk.
  • We have added additional hand-sanitizer stations to all key areas of the plant.
  • We have stepped-up surface sanitizing and provide latex gloves to all employees.
  • We are practicing six feet distancing throughout the facility.
  • Temperature readings will be taken and recorded for all employee and visitors upon entering the building.
  • Facial covering are required for everyone while inside the building.